Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Your Lessons

The Terms and Conditions of business to which driving lessons are provided, these form the contract between pupil and instructor.

Any amendments to the terms and conditions of business will be communicated at least 7 days prior to the amendment.

When you book your driving lessons with Rich Morris DrivingSafe you are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions

1) Code of Practice

Rich Morris DrivingSafe abide by a Professional code of practice, which can be found at,


The driving school car will be legally roadworthy, taxed, insured and have a valid mot(if required)

The driving school car will be clean and fitted with dual controls

Your instructor will be polite, professional at all times and will not use a mobile phone unless in an emergency to which the car will be pulled over in a safe place.

2) Your Driving Licence

You must be a minimum legal age of 17 before you can start to learn to drive on public roads.

The student must hold a current and valid driving licence that entitles them to drive in the UK

The student has to be medically fit and able to drive, including being able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres(67 feet), if glasses or contact lenses are required to do this then the student must ensure they are worn at all times when driving

On your first lesson your instructor will need to carry out some checks with you to ensure you are legally allowed to drive and are covered under the terms of the driving school insurance, these consist of checking your licence on the DVLA website, including the correct address, any endorsements and restrictions, if there are any changes while learning to drive with Rich Morris DrivingSafe they must be communicated immediately.

You may be asked to produce your licence at any time so should always have it with you.

If you are unable to fulfil any part of the above requirements, the lesson will not be able to go ahead until you are able to meet them all.

3) Conduct

Rich Morris DrivingSafe will not accept or tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse, whether directed at the instructor, examiner or any other road user

The instructor reserves the right to terminate the lesson at any stage should in my opinion the students behaviour or state of mind becomes abusive to myself, other road users or an examiner. In these circumstances any lesson fee is forfeit and it is in my discretion as to provide further transport.

4) Lesson price list

Current price list can be found on the ‘LESSON PRICE’ page of the website, any changes will be communicated in advance.

Check out the ‘I LOVE REFERRALS’ page for all our current offers. These are provided at the discretion of Rich Morris Drivingsafe and can be changed or withdrawn at any point with out prior notice.

Payments must be made prior to the lesson going ahead, which can be made in cash, You can also use ‘PAYM’ which is made through your mobile phone, you need to have mobile banking to use this, most banks offer this service and payment must be received by your instructor prior to lesson commencing (takes about 2 hours to be forwarded)

I also accept PayPal however there is fee for using this service in line with paypal fees.

Driving lessons will only go ahead when full payment has been received by the instructor

If a receipt is required for payments then let your instructor know, who will be more than happy to provide an emailed receipt.

5, Cancellations by the Instructor

Lessons may on occasion need to be cancelled at short notice due to adverse weather conditions, a fault with the instructors car, the instructor being ill or another emergency/unforeseen circumstance. Every effort will be made to contact the student as soon as possible.
The instructor will rearrange any lessons at a suitable time for both parties.

6, Lessons cancelled by the student

The student must give a minimum 48 hours notice if the need arises to cancel a lesson, should 48 hours notice not be given then the lesson has to be paid for in full, this also includes reducing a 2 hour lesson to 1 hour.
Students should contact me by phone at first instance, if there is no answer then a message must be left, followed up by a text message.
If a student repeatedly cancels lessons then the instructor has the right to impose a longer notice period, insist on payments made more in advance, discontinue lessons altogether.
Where the student attends a lesson, in the instructors sole opinion, not in a fit state to drive due to drugs or any other condition the lesson will be cancelled and full payment be due.

Special offers.

Free Theory Test T’s and C’s

1, A minimum of 15 fully paid hours must have been completed.
2, Does not include cancellations even if paid.
3, Can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.
4, Lessons taken in 2 hour slots only are included in the 15 hours.
5, The instructor has the right to refuse if the student is deemed to be taking advantage.

Pass Guarantee/Free Lesson

1, All lessons done in 2 hour slots
2, Minimum of 40 hours to be completed
3, Test booked with instructor only
4, The Instuctor must agree that you can go to test
5, Any unpaid cancellations void the guarantee
6, More than 2 missed lessons void the guarantee(even if more than 48hrs)
7, Free lesson is only the lesson before lest.

A full list of all terms and conditions can be requested on the contact form, all students will be given a copy on their first lesson.
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Terms and conditions
FaceWhat Our Pupils Say about Us

“A brilliant instructor and highly recommended. I progressed very quickly I put this down to him being such a good teacher. Very patient, thoughtful and reliable. Great value for money and was very keen to make sure I had no more lessons than what he felt I needed. Not only did I pass first time I feel as though Richard has made me a very aware and safe driver.”
- John, Bolton
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