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Welcome to RichMorrisDrivingSafe, and sincere thanks for considering us for your journey from learner to licensed driver! My name is Rich Morris, the owner of the driving school, and I'd like to take a few moments of your time to explain why we are the ideal choice for you.

My Qualifications
Lets take care of some housekeeping in the first instance. I am a DVSA-approved driving instructor, in addition to being a member of the Voluntary Code of Practice for Driving Instructors. With over twenty years of experience in working alongside people, in addition to providing one-on-one mentoring within the workplace, I pride myself on my ability to get the best out of anybody and help them realise their potential. Sign up with RichMorrisDrivingSafe and you'll find that becoming a safe driver is as easy as learning your ABCs – that's Accelerator, Brake and Clutch.

My Approach to Teaching
I am a hands-on instructor, here to support your learning from the moment you step into the car for the first time until your proudly announce that you are now a licensed driver having passed your test. I will advise and demonstrate all the while, talking you through the process as we go, and I will tailor your lessons to match your most effective learning style.

No two people are the same, and I make it my business to find out what makes a student tick; my job is to get the best out of you, and I will not be satisfied until I have done just that. I do not give up, and I will find a way of making anything work – no obstacle is too great. Especially speed bumps, I'm particularly adept at tackling those.

I often find that the best way to teach is through self-analysis, and show rather than tell. I will not sit silently in the passenger seat and grab the wheel from your control when I see a minor error may be imminent; instead, I prefer to open a dialogue so that a student can pinpoint the problem for themselves and identify how best to rectify it in the future. This is how we become safe drivers; through hands-on experience and discussion, as opposed to robotically going through the motions that will force an examiner to provide a passing grade.

Prices and Trust
I also believe in an open and honest business relationship. I do not hide my terms and conditions, or bury them in small print. From our very first conversation (and hopefully, lesson) onward, I will discuss my approach, rates and expectations freely so that you will feel assured whether this is a transaction that you are comfortable with. Few things require more trust than getting into a car with a stranger, especially one that will be controlling the vehicle itself, after all. There will be no mystery surrounding what I expect of you as a safe driver, or indeed what you can expect of me as a qualified instructor. I hold myself to the same standards that I expect of my students, so I will do all I can to ensure you share my ideas on road safety.

Flexible and Friendly
I am also fully aware that we live in demanding times in the modern world, and sometimes schedules can tight. Don't be deterred from contacting me if you work a job with shift patterns that revolve around unsociable hours; as a self-employed business owner, I create my own schedule and enjoy all the flexibility that comes with that. My priority is that my students are always entirely comfortable during the journey of learning to drive, and if that involves an early start or a late finish for me as their instructor, then so be it. No timetable is off-limits at RichMorrisDrivingSafe.

I Am Here to Help
I would like to thank you once again for considering us as your driving school of choice, and whether you are a teenaged novice or a lapsed former driver looking for a refresher course to boost your confidence, I sincerely hope that I have at least convinced you to pick up the phone and arrange an initial consultation. I can reached at any time by calling 07446 935166, and will be waiting to hear from you. Just don't make the call while behind the wheel, please.

Safe driving for life, remember?

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FaceWhat Our Pupils Say about Us

“A brilliant instructor and highly recommended. I progressed very quickly I put this down to him being such a good teacher. Very patient, thoughtful and reliable. Great value for money and was very keen to make sure I had no more lessons than what he felt I needed. Not only did I pass first time I feel as though Richard has made me a very aware and safe driver.”
- John, Bolton
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